Why Master?
These days it’s common for the contemporary artist to fulfil the role of engineer, producer, arranger, tour manager, tea boy etc…
Often projects are recorded and mixed in the same room with the same monitoring system. Any flaws in the frequency response of the system/room can become exaggerated at every stage of the production process.

Mastering achieves several essential purposes;
*Proofing your mixes sonically – ensuring any peaks and troughs in your systems frequency response are smoothed out, along with any other sonic problems such as phase errors, pops, clicks and other noise removal, appropriate dithering etc.
*Delivering tracks that are balanced and consistent with each other in the manner of chapters in a good book.
*Ensuring your master is – thanks to the “loudness war” – of a commercially acceptable loudness.
*An experienced pair of ears from a third party to point out things which may have been overlooked, both artistically and sonically.

We want your music to be as good as it can be when it reaches the ears of the public.

Red Book Mastering
CD pre-masters for CD manufacture must fulfil certain criteria and these standards have become known as the ‘red book’ standard. As well as preparing your audio to the highest standard we can create these red book pre-master CDs for you. We provide one approval disc and two ‘red book’ pre-masters on top quality, low error Taiyo Yudon discs. Or alternatively we can deliver the final master as a DDP fileset. All jobs depend on a number of factors and it’s always best to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.